World's toughest lure


Old Problem Solved!!

Kronit = Catch More Fish

Tired of those shrimp-style lures that break and tear easily? You are just not catching as many fish as you would like?

KRONIT will solve those problems. Our shrimp lasts 10x longer and provides more action than any regular plastic shrimp on the market today.

It looks and feels real…legs and antennas move naturally when sinking…with an incredible action that fish can’t resist!

The segmented tail also creates a curly action when it is sitting on the bottom, and kicks when the lure is twitched. Inside the tail, a Kevlar® mesh reinforcement makes it hard to tear apart.

Glow in the dark eyes (full body on Ghost color) adds extra enticement in dark or stained waters.

Perfectly weighted to make it sink horizontally level with slack line or when it is used with a cork.

We caught more fish!!

More moving parts

More durable

More realistic

Perfect balance

Multi species



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